Who Are We?

We are a family, who back in the year 2006, decided to start a project to boost a small agricultural village that sits on a tranquil sea of wheat fields and small hills from which, as a backdrop, the unflappable silhouette of the sierra de Guadarrama can be seen. After much effort and affection, in 2008 we can materialize our work in the rural house El Descanso de los Lares. Many will say that it was not the best moment, but thanks to the good work, quality from which we bet at the beginning, and prices as competitive as possible, we have managed not just to consolidate, but also to improve every year. The experiences that we have lived have encouraged us to move forward, thus we can only thank all those who have visited us throughout this time, and those who year after year keep coming back to visit us. The environment in which the house is located is unbeatable, is within the town, but without many residents around (Miguel Ibañez has 27 registered residents). Few cars pass through the village and the tranquility is breathed in the environment (surrounded by nature, with a great variety of birds and various poplars and nearby pine groves). This makes the perfect home for families who decide to join us, or for groups of friends who want to spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
We have been also visited by groups of people and companies with an interest in making courses, since we have a large living room of more than 50 square meters. The house has 250 square meters, divided into two floors. On the first floor are five bedrooms, each with its own bathroom (two of them with Jacuzzi), rooms with air conditioning (hot-cold pumps) and own television. Downstairs is the kitchen (oven, microwave, dishwasher...), a game room with table footbal, bullseye, a mini pool table a terrace of 35 sqm with barbecue and garden furniture and a lounge with three environments (fireplace, dining area and board games and the reading area). There is home automation in the house (electric opening/closing of shutters, smoke detectors, of presence, of humidity...). You have mosquito nets on virtually all windows and the crystals have a thermal break.